MirlitonesPeter Bosch & Simone Simons (Netherlands)

Wednesday 14 August – Sunday 18 August
Kidogo Institute, Fremantle

Opening Hours: Wed – Sat 10 am – 4 pm, Sun 10am – 3pm

Mirlitones was commissioned by DordtYart, Dordrecht, Netherlands. The title refers to a primitive instrument that has appeared in a multitude of forms in various parts of the world.

The installation exists of suspended vertical pipes, one to three meters long, equipped with a vibrating membrane at the upper side. The air used to bring the membranes into vibration comes from a compressor and a web of tubes and taps controlled by a computer.

Small fluctuations in the air pressure cause subtle changes in the sound, composed of many ultra-low frequencies, harmonics and phenomena like beats and combination tones that arise from simultaneously sounding pipes. Because all the pipes share the air from the same limited source they also influence each other resulting in a fragile and complex sonorous system, unpredictable up to the smallest detail.


Mirlitones is supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.