ICMC 6: Decibel and David Toop

8pm Friday 16 August
Hackett Hall, Western Australian Museum

$20/$15 | Heatseeker/Oztix

Perth based and award winning electro acoustic specialists Decibel team up with David Toop to present the ICMC program finale.

Works by David Toop (UK), Youngmee Lymn (Korea), Scott Deal (USA), Yu-Chung Tseng (Taiwan), Barry Moon (USA), Maurice Wright (USA), Maurilio Cacciatore (Italy), Alexander Sigman (Korea), Eric Honour (USA), Marcela Pavia (Italy), Johannes S. Sistermanns (Germany), Darien Brito (Netherlands), Lindsay Vickery (WA)

The 2013 International Computer Music Conference live performance concert program as part of the Totally Huge New Music Festival gives Perth audiences a unique view into the latest developments in computer and electronic music technologies and philosophies interacting with live acoustic performance. Six programs across five days featuring forty seven works.