Festival Opener

Haco, Barn Owl

From 8pm Friday 9 August
The Bakery

$30 | Nowbaking, Heatseeker/Oztix

Haco: Forever and Ever

Haco (vocal, electronics) performance with visuals by Mariko Tajiri / Haco With a unique sensibility, Haco has developed her own genre of music based on the principles of post-punk, electroacoustics, the avant-garde, improvisation, post-rock, environmental sound, and technology. Her most recent vocal-based album Forever and Ever (2011) was released domestically, and has been highly acclaimed internationally.

“My view is ‘no borders’ when it comes to sounds for creating new music. I want to open my ears and find the rhythm and tone for all of the sounds in my life.” Haco



Barn Owl

Jon Porras and Evan Caminiti aka Barn Owl have always specialised in devotional darkness, pushing desert rock into previously unexplored, murky territories. They follow in the footsteps of provocative avant-gardists like Alice Coltrane and build on the doom metal foundation planted by Black Sabbath.

“Barn Owl… creates expansive spaces of meditative delight – drones to get lost in, melodies to slide through, layers to drift among.” PITCHFORK