Club Huge 2

DIY Analogue
I.n0JaQ, Andrew Nonlinearcircuits

10pm Monday 12 August
The Bakery

$10/Sonix Members/THNMF Ticket Holders/ ICMC Delegates Free Entry
Bookings: Door Sales available

The late night escape for the Festival, the Club program features a Western Australian Showcase presented in association with WAM and curated by Sam Gillies. The Club will also feature works from the ICMC program.

I.n0jaQ [Nathan Thompson] is an artist working at the edge of many fields, sonically under the moniker I.n0jaQ, he builds elaborate machines that glitch/quiver to open up unique aural palettes that conjure atmospheres intrinsically linked to the actual location in which they reside. His work often questions the sometimes-controversial role of humans in the natural landscape while still bringing these elements together in a harmonious way. Through this focused practice he is constantly exploring unknown territories to build greater understanding of our inhabited space.

Andrew Nonlinearcircuits has been designing, building and playing analogue modular synthesizers since 1998. His main interests involve self evolving sounds and patterns using chaos and analogue neurons. These types of circuits correspond to natural cycles and mental stimulation/response functions. Complex chaotic behaviour cannot be simulated in realtime with software due to latency issues, so this is a type of electronic music that can only be created with analogue components.


The West Australian Showcase is presented in association with WAM and supported by the State Government of Western Australia through the Contemporary Music Fund of the Department of Culture and the Arts.