Alvin Curran and massed ensemble

3pm Sunday 18 August
B Shed, Victoria Quay, Fremantle
Free Event

The beams of B Shed will reverberate with a once only performance of Alivin Curran’s work BEAMS. Bringing together an ensemble of over 50 Perth musicians, BEAMS fills the space with performers and sonic wonder.

“This is not only primeval avantgarde it is an antediluvian ritual – cabaret songs and dances with basketballs which inspired the Dadaists, the modernists, the punks, the mayors of the city of Darmstadt, the merry- go-round walk-in-place of Thelonius Monk, the whole 20th century experimental surgery of chance operations and detuned pharmaceuticals. “ AC

“for any number of players with own portable wind or bowed string instruments each player will have a small harmonica, and metal objects, basket balls for the chorus and 3 concert-bass drums (with or without stands) are required.

(First performed at the Museum of Modern Art, Tel Aviv, 2007)